The bulk of the estate is situated in the northeast of the village Cairanne, 200 meters far from the hills of Rasteau in a place called "la montagne".

It is composed with the quarters of LES DOUYES and SAINT MARTIN.

As there are precipitous hillsides, we must use crawler tractors on the most sloping ones.

This cobbly terroir abounds with yellow clay on the surface and blue clay in depth and has a high percentage of active limestone.

The Douyes quarter is exposed EAST to NORTHEAST and the coolest limestone favor the coolness and gives a more subtle and harmonious wine:

Only the most precocious varieties such as the white grape varieties and the syrah grow on those terroirs.

The Saint Martin quarter is exposed SOUTH to SOUTHEAST, which favors the ripeness and the flavor of the wine.

These terroirs, including Haut Coustias are only for grenache and mourvèdre, which, especially for the latter, require more sunshine due to its late ripeness.