Everything is meant to obtain a high quality grape harvest in deep respect of the terroir.

Even if they have a very low field, our very old vine grapes are preserved (the older ones have more than 100 years and produce from 15 to 18hl/ha depending on the year).

The transplantations of the parcels where vine grapes are reaching the end of their life are made with mass selection where seedling has proven to produce high quality wine, our last transplantations were made with syrah removed from the Côtes Rôties, aubun and vaccareses coming from Châteauneuf-du-Pape and grenaches from our previous parcels.

In order to restrict the yield, they are shortly pruned (2 buds spur 4 or 5 times) and if necessary, the green grapes are cut: this process enables us to obtain the yields as follows:

•  32 hl/ha for the vintage 2007

•  27 hl/ha for the 2008 harvest

•  28 hl/ha for 2009

The vine grapes are cultivated without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides; the soil of the old vine grapes is entirely and mechanically treated in order to plough in the organic compost (sheep manure) and to accelerate the development of deep roots. We weed the young vine grapes at every two furrows in order to restrict the vigor.

All these works have been practiced for decades to favor the microbial life and to preserve the specificity of organic farming in the terroir. We were certified in organiccally grown by Qualité France group.

In May we make a serious bud pruning over the entire propriety and in June we strip off the leaves of all the over-vegetative parcels in order to aerate the grapes and thus avoid a gray mould treatment.

The manual harvest is sorted a first time by the grape-pickers and a second time on the sorting table.

The winemaking process is performed in open wooden fermenters with a measure of the liquid for the Cairanne and in closed wooden fermenters with "remontage" for the Côtes du Rhône AOC.

The maturing process is made in fermenters, hogsheads or tuns.

The wines are bottled in the propriety without clarifying or filtration.